F . A . Q

What is Henna?

Henna is a shrub that thrives in hot, arid climates. The Powdered Leaves of this plant are used to make skin dye that has been used in Middle Eastern and Indian Weddings rituals for over 5000 year. Also, Masai warriors in West Africa used to paint their faces with Henna to denote status within the tribe.

How long does it last?

The design will last anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks depending on the depth of the henna dye stain, what part of the body area was done and how exposed is it to rubbing, soap and water. Henna dye stains the outer layer of the skin, so the less you rub or wash the longer the designs will linger. It works best on warmer, more porous parts of the body like the hands and feet. Applying heat, such as a blow dryer will help design on other parts of the body to come out dark as well. The paper tape and/or New Skin also help as they keeps the mehndi design next to the skin.

How long does it take to apply?

A couple of minutes for small designs and upto 30 minutes for more complicated ones.

How long should I leave the paste on?

It should be left on the skin for two hours undisturbed. After 2 hours wash off the dried Henna paste under running water, and you will see a rich dark image stained into the skin.

Caution :While the Henna is still drying be careful that it does not touch anything such as clothing, because it will leave a permanent stain. Also the Henna design will smudge, which will also stain and is hard to remedy.

What colors are available?

The natural dye color of the henna we supply when applied on the screen varies from dark brown to deep burnt orange. You may have heard of 'black' Henna but this is used for hair die only. We have found the "natural" henna to give the darkest tattoos along with using our special mehndi oil. Hennas claiming to give other colors contains dyes and are not completely a natural product and only last a few day.

Do you have a question we have not answered?

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